Zoom Share The Love: Lace Scrunchie
Zoom Share The Love: Lace Scrunchie
Zoom Share The Love: Lace Scrunchie

Share The Love: Lace Scrunchie


As COVID-19 brought our business to a standstill there are some things we can continue to work on remotely; unfortunately, without access to Chic Parisien's atelier, our dedicated seamstresses are out of work for the time being. So, we got to thinking about how we could get them sewing from home and had them make a batch of these 

Alençon French lace scrunchies and 100% of the proceeds will go to providing some income for them in this uncertain time. 

We wanted to make something bridal that you can enjoy from home and bring a bit of chicness to your at-home wardrobe, without sacrificing on comfort. These scrunchies are upcycled from the highest quality lace remnants from our alterations department and repurposed into something new for you to love. 

These are the women who make sure that your wedding dress fits your body perfectly. They're craftspeople who are skilled in ways that impress us every day and they're the behind-the-scenes people that bring wedding dresses to life.

Vendor: The Beach Bride by Chic Parisien

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